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22Apr 2015

Deploying mobile apps using Apple VPP Managed Distribution

Using Codeproof and Apple’s VPP managed distribution technology, IT administrator can push mobile apps & books to devices without the use of Apple-ids in the device. Later, the Administrator can revoke these licenses from a particular device and assign to new a device. All can be done remotely without physically accessing the iOS devices.  [NOTE: In iOS9+, App licenses can be assigned to a device without the individual apple-id in the device. This is the easiest way to deploy apps in the iOS].

Here are the steps to setup VPP managed distribution.

1. IT administrator goes to VPP store and purchases app.

Go to to make a volume purchase. During the checkout select “Managed Distribution” method. If you don’t have Apple VPP account, Enroll here.


2. Download the “VPP Token” after the purchase.

After the purchase, Download the VPP token file from Apple website. [NOTE: This is only one-time work. Later you can keep purchasing more apps and don’t have to download the server token again and again. Also purchase enough licenses so that you can deploy it to a large number of devices].

3. Import the token file in the Codeproof Console.

Login to Codeproof console and then select “EMM” from the top menu. Then select “Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)” from the left side menu.  Click on “Add VPP Token” button to import the server token. If token is in a file, Open the token file in a notepad and then copy and paste the token blob. NOTE: Importing the token is only one-time task. Later, you can keep purchasing more licenses and they start appearing in Codeproof console automatically.



3.  Manage VPP licenses

Click on a “Manage” button to view all the purchased apps.



4. Assign app license to a device

Now select a purchased app and assign it to a device. You can also revoke a app-license from a device by clicking on a “Remove” button. See below.



More info about the VPP Program from Apple