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03Sep 2014

Enabling Supervised Mode for iPhone and iPad

Supervision mode provides a higher level of device management for institutionally owned iOS devices.
It allows additional restrictions, such as turning off iMessage or Game Center, and it provides additional
device configurations and features, such as web content filtering, prevent users from deleting apps, silently install & remove apps, disable access to AirDrop, configuring a global proxy and enable a single-app mode (App lock or Kiosk Mode).

There are TWO ways to enable “Supervision”.

(a) Using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): This is an automatic process. More info about Device Enrollment program, read following blog article.

(b) Using Apple configurator tool: This is a manual process involves physical access to device.

Steps to enable Supervised mode using Apple configurator tool are below.

1. Use a MAC computer and download Apple Configurator, a free tool from MAC appstore (LINK is here )

2. Connect iOS device to MAC computer using USB cable.

3. Launch Apple Configurator Tool

4. Make sure to enable “Supervised Mode” option. See below marked in red.

Apple Configurator Supervision Mode

Apple Configurator Supervision Mode

5. If you have a existing backup image, You can restore it. If not, you can create a new image.

6. You can also add any custom settings (profile) and apps

7. Now click on “Prepare” button to start the imaging process.

Apple Configurator Prepare

Apple Configurator Prepare

8. After the device setup completes, click on top menu “Devices” to create a backup image for other devices setup. This is optional.

Apple Configurator Image Backup

Apple Configurator Image Backup

9. Now disconnect the device from USB cable. Rest can be done wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

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