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10Sep 2013

Deploying iOS Configuration Profiles using Profile Manager

Codeproof Profile Manager makes it easy for Administrator to deploy custom iOS profiles to thousands of iOS devices at once.

iOS configuration profiles such as email profiles, VPN profiles, WiFi profiles..etc can be centrally uploaded and deployed via cloud.
[Note: For creating configuration profiles, please use Apple Configurator tool]

Here are the instructions:

1. Select a group of devices. For example, in the below picture, i’ve selected “Redmond Office” group. On right side panel, go to “Profile Manager” sub-tab.

iOS Profile Manager

iOS Profile Manager

2. Upload your profiles (file with extension .mobileconfig ) to cloud using “Upload Profile” button one time.

3. Now click on “Attach Profile” button and select your profile for deployment. See below.

iOS Profile Manager – Attach Profile

4. Hit Save button. That’s it. Your profile will be automatically deployed to selected group of devices. In the below example, i’ve attached “WiFi Profile” to Redmond Office group.

iOS Profile Manager

iOS Profile Manager

5. To uninstall a profile, Click on “Remove Profile” and remove earlier attached profiles.