Secured Remote Access

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Codeproof offers a complete Android device Secured Remote Access solution. Using Secured Remote Access, an IT Administrator can gain remote access to the screens of any Android phones or tablets. They can also remotely tap on the screen, launch apps, input data, use gesture controls, and much more from the Codeproof console. This solution works on all Android-based devices with Android 7.0 and above. It uses the Android accessibility service to perform these operations.

To set up Secured Remote Access, take the following steps:

  1. Install the Codeproof Remote Access app in the end-user device
  2. Ask the end-user to grant the "Accessibility Permissions" to the Codeproof Remote Access app, as illustrated below.
  3. Take control of the device and assist the end-user in training, troubleshooting.. etc

The connection to the remotely accessed device solution is secured and all communications are encrypted. Secured Remote Access works independently with or without any MDM software in the device. To purchase licenses, contact

Admin Portal

Access the device screen directly from your web browser.

Device Side Setup

Launch the Codeproof Remote Access app and then grant the "Accessibility Permissions" to Codeproof Remote Access app, as shown below.

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