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15Feb 2014

What’s new in iOS 6 MDM?

This article explains about changes in iOS 6 Mobile Device Management protocol.

  1. iOS 6 MDM introduced following new restriction policies
    • disableMailRecentsSyncing – If true, this account is excluded from address Recents syncing.
    • allowBookstore – If set to false, iBookstore will be disabled. (Supervised devices only).
    • allowBookstoreErotica – Supervised only prior to iOS 6.1. If set to false, the user will not be able to download media from the iBookstore that has been tagged as erotica. This will default to true.
    • allowDiagnosticSubmission – When false, this prevents the device from automatically submitting diagnostic reports to Apple.
    • allowGameCenter – When false, Game Center is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.(Supervised devices only).
    • allowPassbookWhileLocked – If set to false, Passbook notifications will not be shown on the lock screen.
    • allowSharedStream – If set to false, Shared Photo Stream will be disabled.
    • allowUIConfigurationProfileInstallation – If set to false, the user is prohibited from installing configuration profiles and certificates interactively. This will default to true.(Supervised devices only).
  2. iOS 6 MDM introduced a new “App Lock” profile
  3. By installing an app lock payload, the device is locked to a single application until the payload is removed. The home button is disabled, and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot. (supported on Supervised devices only).