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17Apr 2014

Upgrading to Codeproof Samsung Galaxy EMM from Codeproof Android

Here are the steps to upgrade from Codeproof Android to Codeproof Samsung Galaxy EMM. Galaxy EMM supported on all Samsung Galaxy line of devices running Android 4.0 and above. To learn more about Galaxy EMM download product datasheet here.

1. Remove the previous Codeproof app from the device (Instructions are here)

2. Install new Galaxy Security App from google playstore (link:

3. Open the app and enroll the device by entering Codeproof account info.

4. Login to Console

5. Now the devices will appear under “Galaxy Security” group in Mobile Policy Manager of Console.

6. Delete the older device entries from “Android Devices” group from Mobile Policy Manager by right clicking on a device node and select “Delete” from context menu.