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19Jan 2017

What is a supervised device?

The Supervised apple device (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) allows organizations (IT Admin) to gain extensive remote controlling capability over the mobile devices. It allows additional restrictions, such as turning off iMessage or Game Center, and it provides additional device configurations and features, such as web content filtering, prevent users from deleting apps, silently install […]

12Jan 2015

Secure internet browser and website content blocking

Codeproof Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform now allows administrator to remotely allow/block certain websites based on url and keywords. Codeproof solution offers a free browser app integrated with Codeproof MDM platform. Using Codeproof admin console, Administrator can remotely define a whitelist or blacklist of websites. In order to increase mobile security, Admin can block websites […]

15Feb 2014

What’s new in iOS 6 MDM?

This article explains about changes in iOS 6 Mobile Device Management protocol. iOS 6 MDM introduced following new restriction policies disableMailRecentsSyncing – If true, this account is excluded from address Recents syncing. allowBookstore – If set to false, iBookstore will be disabled. (Supervised devices only). allowBookstoreErotica – Supervised only prior to iOS 6.1. If set […]

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