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13Dec 2012

Google Trends of search keyword “lost my phone”

As you can see from google trends chart below, The number of people who search for keyword “lost my phone” is growing proportionally with number of smartphones in use.

Top 3 countries are:

1. USA
2. UK
3. India

[China is missing, that could be because Google is not available in China]

Do you want to be one of those people who search for keyword “lost my phone” on google?. No you don’t.
Use Codeproof and you never lose your phone again.

Codeproof is easy to use and it takes only few minutes to setup.

1. Sign-up for Coderoof account here
2. Install Codeproof App on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung galaxy, Kindle Fire and any iOS/Android Devices. Download from App Store
3. Then log-in to Codeproof Web Console to remotely locate your phone, anytime anywhere.

For questions/comments, contact info (at) codeproof (dot) com