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05May 2015

Various MDM Device Enrollment techniques

The following different ways enterprise can enroll all of their mobile devices with Codeproof. App less (Agent less) device enrollment: Simplest way is to purchase Apple devices using DEP program and MDM enrollment will be completely automatic. More info can be found here Customer can also download and deploy iOS MDM profile from here.  App […]

03Mar 2014

Action Required: Update iPhone and iPad software to iOS 7.0.6

Apple fixed a security vulnerability in iOS software which allows attackers to intercept and alter internet communications. According to Apple, security fix is available for: iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 and later. We recommend our customers to update their devices as soon as possible. For iOS7 devices Apple released iOS […]

25Mar 2013

How to prevent someone from disabling find my iphone?

Use Codeproof to locate your missing Phone. Codeproof doesn’t use FIND MY PHONE settings. Codeproof collects its own location information from the device and shows missing phone in the Codeproof Console. So if someone turns-off FIND MY PHONE settings, Codeproof can still locate your missing phone. Locating the missing phone using Codeproof Console: Demo Video:

07Oct 2012

How to find my phone using Codeproof

In order to remotely locate your missing phone or tablet using Codeproof,  First you need to install Codeproof Security app on your phone or tablet devices. Please follow below steps:- 1. Create an account at 2. Install Codeproof App on all your Phones & Tablets from Appstore 3. Open “Codeproof app” and enroll your […]

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