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15Mar 2017

How to enable Android app permissions?

In Android M(marshmallow) and higher, Codeproof Android EMM/MDM app needs to have the following permissions enabled in order MDM to work properly. Location Phone SMS Storage In the device, You can enable these permissions manually by going to “Settings” Open Settings App Tap on “Applications” Now tap on “Application Manager” Then select “Codeproof MDM app” […]

19Sep 2016

Configuring Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Email on LG devices

Using Codeproof MDM platform, IT administrator can remotely configure Office365 or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync email account in LG Phones and Tablets. In the “Mobile Policy Manager”, Select a single or a group of devices, then on right side panel, select “LG Security” and then select “Email Policy” tab and click on “Add Email Configurations” button. […]

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