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13Nov 2017

What is Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work) is secure and flexible enterprise mobility management framework to enable true workforce productivity among the increasingly mobile workforce. The framework is available for OS versions Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and above, and offers a range of server and client-side APIs. The platform offers the following key functionality: […]

02Oct 2014

Turning off Personal Hotspot in iOS Devices

Codeproof MDM allows administrator to remotely turn on/off “Personal Hotspot” settings in iPhone and iPad devices. The personal hotspot setting is only available on certain phone carriers. To learn more about personal hotspot in iOS go here. Along with this setting, other carrier related settings available to configure are “Voice Roaming” and “Data Roaming”. These […]

27Jan 2014

Location based mobile policies – Geofencing

We’ve introduced the anticipated location based mobile policies also known as Geofencing. With this feature an administrator can define multiple geographical regions within the Codeproof console and apply the mobile policies to devices in those regions. When the device is identified within the defined region boundary the regional restricted policies defined by the administrator get […]

10Dec 2013

How to manage mobile devices and apps using Codeproof?

Following blog article describes how to secure and manage mobile devices and apps using Codeproof. 1. Signup at go to “sign-up” from top right menu bar. 2. Install Codeproof app on your device from Appstore. (go to appstore and search for “Codeproof”) 3. Open “Codeproof App” and enroll your device by entering your Codeproof […]

26Nov 2013

Mobile apps access permissions monitoring using Codeproof

Using Codeproof console, Administrator can centrally monitor all the android apps access permissions. Administrator can generate various android permission report and monitor security access rights inside the organization. This will greatly enhance app security management in Codeproof platform. Steps: 1. Login to Codeproof console 2. Go to “Reports” from top menu bar 3. Select “Android […]

03Nov 2013

iOS7 background apps from being killed by App Switcher

iOS-7 introduced a new feature called App Switcher. Using App Switcher feature, end-user can simply terminate an App. If Codeproof App is terminated by App Switcher, Codeproof App won’t be restarted in the background automatically by iOS7. We recommend not to terminate Codeproof app. Without the Codeproof app running in the background, Codeproof console won’t […]

16Oct 2013

Configuring iOS 7 App Policies

Codeproof management platform now allows administrator to configure iOS 7 app policies. Some of the policies requires devices must be configured as supervised devices using Apple’s Configurator tool. Steps: 1. Login to Codeproof console. 2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from top menu bar. 3. Select a group or individual device. 4. In the right […]

10Sep 2013

Deploying iOS Configuration Profiles using Profile Manager

Codeproof Profile Manager makes it easy for Administrator to deploy custom iOS profiles to thousands of iOS devices at once. iOS configuration profiles such as email profiles, VPN profiles, WiFi profiles..etc can be centrally uploaded and deployed via cloud. [Note: For creating configuration profiles, please use Apple Configurator tool] Here are the instructions: 1. Select […]

17Jun 2013

How to enforce group level BYOD policies?

Central mobile policy management never been easier. Codeproof Administrators can now set policies at the group level, and all the mobile devices in the group will download these policies instantly. Administrator can also right click on device tree and create custom groups and sub-groups. Then drag-and-drop device node from default group “iOS devices” to newly […]

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