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05Jan 2017

How to deploy iOS Apps using Codeproof Platform?

The MDM Administrator can deploy iOS apps silently through Codeproof MDM Platform using the following ways. A. Deploying Apps purchased via VPP or Apple Business Manager. Apps purchased via Apple Business Manager or Apple VPP account can be installed silently using Codeproof. Here is complete instructions regarding app install using VPP. B. Deploy Enterprise signed […]

19Aug 2015

Blocking AppStore in Apple Devices

Using Codeproof, The Administrator can disable AppStore from all the iPhone and iPad devices. This will prevent the user from installing apps from AppStore.  Usually the Administrator will install the required apps in the device first and then disable AppStore before handovering devices to employees/users. [To install apps using Codeproof platform please refer to this article] After installing […]

22Apr 2015

Deploying mobile apps using Apple VPP Managed Distribution

Using Codeproof and Apple’s VPP managed distribution technology, IT administrator can push mobile apps & books to devices without the use of Apple-ids in the device. Later, the Administrator can revoke these licenses from a particular device and assign to new a device. All can be done remotely without physically accessing the iOS devices.  [NOTE: […]

18Dec 2014

Android App deployment

The Codeproof MDM Administrator can remotely deploy android apps to hundreds of devices simultaneously. Here are the steps. 1. Deploy apps from Google Playstore. Go to EMM and then go to “Android Enterprise” Click on “Approve App from Playstore” Search the app and “Approve it” Continue with the “App Permission” dialog and “Save it” The […]

20Dec 2012

How to find iTunes store id or App id?

The easiest way to find your iTunesStoreID or AppId is by opening iTunes and copying the information directly from the App Store url. Please follow these steps: Open iTunes. Search for your app. Click your app’s name and copy the URL (In case of PC users, mouse right-click on App Name). App store URL’s will […]

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