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19Aug 2015

Blocking AppStore in Apple Devices

Using Codeproof, The Administrator can disable AppStore from all the iPhone and iPad devices. This will prevent the user from installing apps from AppStore.  Usually the Administrator will install the required apps in the device first and then disable AppStore before handovering devices to employees/users. [To install apps using Codeproof platform please refer to this article]

After installing required apps, Administrator can simply hide AappStore from all the enrolled devices at once.


1. Login to Cloud Console

2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from top menu

3. Select a group of Apple Devices from the left-side tree control

4. On Right side, select “iOS Security” tab

5. Uncheck “Allow Installing Apps” from the policy pane and hit “Save”

6. Immedetalty “AppStore” icon will be disabled from all the devices. To Enable AppStore back, check the “Allow Installing Apps” policy and hit save again.


See below image illustration.

Blocking AppStore



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